Hotwire works with the most innovative Tech brands in the world. We are passionate about technology and for over 20 years we have been committed to bringing out our customers by making us the bearers of change. Knowledge of the Tech world, experience and network are aspects that describe our team well, thanks to which we stimulate curiosity and ignite the interest of the public in all aspects of communication, branding and digital marketing.


We are passionate about technology and have been supporting our customers for over 20 years to ignite the change they need. Thanks to our experience, deep knowledge of the field and an international network in constant ferment, which believes in sharing as an imperative for growth, we stimulate the curiosity and interest of the public in all aspects of communication, branding and digital marketing.

We build our business with you

We work with you to ignite possibilities and make changes happen. Our professionals operate in a positive and constructive climate, in which creativity and innovation thrive, gaining the best experiences and constantly perfecting the skills necessary to shape the world we live in. We want to be the most inspiring and inspiring consulting firm you have ever worked with.

We are connected, in all senses

Our global network brings together different cultures and draws on the best minds, ideas and skills from around the world. Our multiple teams deliver bold yet pragmatic advice with the consistency of a single team.

A different consulting experience

Innovative and disruptive, our campaigns are based on concrete data and are designed with insight and strategic know-how to create impact, incentivizing action and promoting change.

Written by Barbara Bates

Global Technology Agency of the Year – what this recognition means

When we set out Hotwire’s new three-year plan at our annual and for the first time, virtual, Bootcamp earlier this…

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Written by Hotwire

Barbara Bates, Global CEO, Receives 2020 Individual Achievement SABRE Award

We are thrilled to announce Barbara was honored at this year’s PRovoke SABRE Awards with the Outstanding Individual Achievement award. Every year PRovoke (formerly…

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Local insight.

High-Stakes Leadership in a Post-B2B World

We talked to marketers, business decision makers and consumers in eight markets worldwide to understand how high-stakes events (issues such as #MeToo, data security, gender equality, and diversity) are shaping brand perception and purchasing decisions. Here’s what we found out.

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