The streets of San Francisco and New York have been our home for the past 25 years until 2017, when we opened an office in Minneapolis, and 2019, when we expanded to Chicago. We have innovation running through our veins, and thanks to the work we’ve done for some of the world’s most exciting companies we know the limitless opportunities that come about when you bring together great minds and great brands. Whether it's being the guinea pig for your next big idea, or bringing our bold and creative state of mind to our pitches - we're dedicated to delivering amazing campaigns that challenge and delight our clients.

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Written by Sippora Veen

Dangerous liaisons:
why partner marketing needs to go beyond the alliance

Traditionally the strategic focus for the partner marketing function has been on the alliance itself – the joint solutions, joint…

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Written by Mike Butler

What Innovation
Acceleration looks like

At Hotwire Marketing we work with so many of global IT’s biggest names that it’s always a real pleasure to…

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B2B State of Hybrid Work

To understand what the future holds for businesses and communications professionals, we sat down with industry experts specializing in fields from research and security to AI. Through their insights, we’re able to explore what your company’s focus should be moving forward, challenges to prepare for in 2021, and the shifting tech landscape.

The Retail HOTLine

Today’s rapidly changing world means that many companies in the retail industry – from how items get onto shelves, to what and how consumers choose to buy – are having to adjust their plans. We’re keeping an eye on the top retail trends throughout this holiday season and sharing the latest views from our experts.

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