Masterclass Series

Master the art of navigating crises with our expert-led training sessions designed for communication leaders. With limited seats available, each workshop offers practical insights and hands-on strategies to enhance your brand’s resilience and response.

Prepare to lead with confidence and clarity

This year is most certainly a heightened political season, which will create an even louder and more chaotic news cycle. In this environment, brands and their busier-than-ever marketing communications teams must be proactive in avoiding knee-jerk responses during critical moments.

  • Master the art of crisis navigation by joining our expert-led training workshops to help your teams understand when your brand should respond on political, societal or cultural topics.
  • Dig into research and work required to build your plan, how to maintain your north start across functions and outputs and how to best prepare your spokespeople to lead on hot button issues
  • Each workshop delivers practical insights and hands-on strategies to fortify your brand’s resilience and responsiveness.

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June 11th
Workshop 1: Preparing  for the Unknown:Identifying When and Where to Jump Into the Conversation

Navigating today’s media and political landscape can feel like a minefield for brands. This workshop empowers communication teams to lead confidently through uncertainty. You’ll learn practical workflows and scenario-building techniques to decide which topics your company should engage in and how to manage these engagements effectively. Increase your team’s efficiency, enhance brand resonance, and reduce reputational risks.

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June 18th
Workshop 2: Leading Your Leadership Through Crisis Comms: Set Your Subject Matter Experts Up for Success

In times of crisis, senior leaders are the essential voices your audience needs. This workshop provides the tools to prepare your leadership for high-pressure situations with a strategic blueprint that aligns business goals with communication tactics. Discover planning approaches that maximize ROI for executive time investments and create a clear narrative connecting hot-button issues to your brand’s business objectives.

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July 9th
Workshop 3: Best Media Practices in Crisis Comms

High-stakes media engagements can be daunting for even the most seasoned executives. This workshop equips your communication team with strategies to prepare leaders for media interactions during a crisis. Practice and review techniques that not only help navigate these challenging moments but also leverage them to reinforce brand messaging and amplify brand value..

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