The dire need for diversity in tech

There is consistent debate in the Australian technology sector around the need for greater diversity, particularly gender diversity, across the industry to drive innovative thinking and stronger bottom line financial results. The stats point to a clear unconscious bias across the sector – according to a recent report, 13% of Australian fintech founders are women, yet female founders were awarded just 25% of funding requests last year, where their male counterparts gained over 50%.

At Hotwire, we work with a range of technology and innovation-driven companies, from start-ups to ASX and NASDAQ-listed multinationals. We’re often asked for support on helping our clients attract a more diverse workforce, and have committed to a range of initiatives to ensure we are playing our part in making a gender diverse workforce a reality for the tech sector.

Driving industry debate

In November 2018, Hotwire Australia held our first ‘F in Fintech’ event, shining a spotlight on the females – or lack thereof – in the fintech sector. The event hosted two lively panels on the roles and responsibilities in driving gender diversity from across the industry, and how the industry can address the talent skills shortages by improving gender diversity standards. Panellists included Heather Kernahan, President, North America at Hotwire, Camilla Cooke, CMO at Xinja, Ritchie Cotton, Co-Founder at Valiant Finance, Jason Baden, Managing Director at F5, Barbara Bates, Global CEO at Hotwire, and more.

Free media training for female spokespeople in tech

For Hotwire Australia retainer clients, we will be offering up to four media training sessions per year for up to three female spokespeople per session at no charge in 2019.


A common reason the tech industry is identifying for the lack of gender diversity in tehc is a lack of female role models. The most common channels through which role models become known and share their influence is through exposure on speaking panels at conferences and events, interviews in mainstream and social media, and thought leadership content on trade press and publications. This trajectory often starts with media training, after which spokespeople are provided an increased volume of opportunities to have their voices heard.

We’re playing our part in enabling more businesses to give their female leaders a platform to become more renowned role models in their sector. With more media trained women in the tech industry, we anticipate seeing more women interviewed and featuring in mainstream and social media, creating more visible female role models for the current and next tech generations.

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If you’re interested in partnering with Hotwire in the next ‘F in Fintech’ event, would like to discuss media training for your female spokespeople or want to discuss how we can tackle gender diversity together more broadly, get in touch and fill in the below form.

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