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Forget fluff and smoke and mirrors. What consumer brands need to do today is to connect with consumers in a meaningful way. It’s never been a more cut-throat consumer market, and to stay relevant brands need to be more than product and pricing, they need to be a part of a consumer’s life. Our specialist consumer communications team is dedicated to winning the hearts and minds battle. Working with a broad range of consumer tech clients: from retail, stay-at home tech, to apps, platforms, and marketplaces, and the broader supply chain, whether the challenge is awareness, conversion, loyalty, or perceptions, we bring brand advocacy right to the front of our campaigns.

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Written by Rochelle Ritchie

Hotwire Headlines #10

From Australia: The latest in tech and innovation In recent news, cybersecurity for the health sector continues to be a…

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Written by Danielle McCauley

5G Innovation: What Tech Leaders Are Anticipating

With technology trends constantly in flux around us, one area where we’ve seen consistent evolution is that of wireless networks….

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