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Forget fluff and smoke and mirrors. What consumer brands need to do today is to connect with consumers in a meaningful way. It’s never been a more cut-throat consumer market, and to stay relevant brands need to be more than product and pricing, they need to be a part of a consumer’s life. Our specialist consumer communications team is dedicated to winning the hearts and minds battle. Working with a broad range of consumer tech clients: from retail, stay-at home tech, to apps, platforms, and marketplaces, and the broader supply chain, whether the challenge is awareness, conversion, loyalty, or perceptions, we bring brand advocacy right to the front of our campaigns.

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Written by Laura Macdonald

How Retailers Need to Rethink Holiday Shopping – According to Best Buy CEO

As part of the CTA’s Retail Council, I had the good fortune last week of listening in on a conversation…

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Written by Debra Hole

Retail Roller Coaster: The Trends of 2020 and Where We Are Today

April – a month that will be forever etched in our memories. A time of lockdowns, shortages and uncertainty; and…

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