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We love cutting edge tech and innovation that rapidly changes the course of an industry. So, it makes sense that we’ve been at the forefront of the financial technology (FinTech) world for some time. From Bitcoin to Payment Platforms, our team of specialists know their stuff. We’ve been working with the hottest start-ups who have trailblazed the FinTech scene through to the established financial institutions that are navigating their way through this new landscape, all the time helping them achieve limitless results through highly targeted integrated communications.


Written by Sebastien Meunier

FinTechs, you have the power to do good

Like many things these days, how the FinTech landscape will look like at the end of the coronavirus is rather…

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Written by Louise Morrisey

Content’s role in a fintech future

In Australia, when the Consumer Data Right law passed to enable open banking, a string of new challenger banks launched,…

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