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The rapid growth of health tech has the potential to impact and improve lives around the world. Whether it be fitness wearables, health apps, mHealth services, e-health or remote diagnostic solutions, Health Tech is widely recognised to be the next frontier in technology and health care. Our team of health tech communications specialists are passionate about the category; working with entrepreneurs, enterprises, clinicians and institutions alike to shape comms programmes that tell the right stories and directly influence key stakeholders across the media, analyst, consumer, patient, health professional, Government, academic and investor landscapes.


Written by Nichole Mullen

Habits at Home: How Forced Behavior Shifts Become Habits

I was a stay at home mom with a crying baby and a very active toddler and I hadn’t left…

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Written by Nathan Field

Health Tech Bi-weekly round up: 5 July

In this week’s health tech round up, we take a look at CMR Surgical’s latest partnership with LifeHealthcare to expand…

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