USA Forge Global

Pulling a Fintech Startup into WSJ, CNN, Bloomberg, CNBC, Forbes & More

In October 2018, Forge Global, formerly known as Equidate, had built momentum in its niche pre-IPO private security trading space, but was still seen as a fringe player in the fintech space. While they had seen a couple of early top-tier hits, they hadn’t built the rapport needed to support ongoing thought leadership and rapid response opportunities. Their messaging and brand platform were complex, leading to media opportunities that didn’t translate due to the opaqueness of their value proposition. Additionally, they had just hired a new, experienced CEO but didn’t have the strategy, systems, or messaging in place to fully leverage his presence.
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Shaping Young Entrepreneurs

UNSW has an outstanding record for fostering entrepreneurial talent – however, programs were fragmented across the University, not well signposted and outstanding results were not being recognised. UNSW sought to strengthen its reputation as an incubator of young entrepreneurs through the launch of a new initiative, the Founders program. In order to increase the profile, reputation and funding of the program, UNSW needed to establish a unified brand to take it to the next level.
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Communicating Change To Stakeholders

In keeping with international university best practice, UNSW is transitioning to a new three-term academic calendar, offering greater flexibility and maximising university resources throughout the year. The challenge for Hotwire was to create an effective change communications strategy across many different university stakeholder groups so people felt informed at every step of the journey.
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AUS Downer

Communicating the Behind the Scenes Story

Downer is the leading provider of integrated services in Australia and New Zealand and employs over 53,000 people. Although Downer is responsible for infrastructure and services that their customers and the community rely on daily, Downer isn’t a household brand name. Hotwire’s task was to showcase Downer’s brand story, bringing to light the unparalleled breadth of work that sustains the modern environment.
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USA PlusOne

Launching a Contest to Drive Site Traffic to an All-time High

plusOne, a sexual wellness brand, wanted to capitalize on Valentine’s Day to drive awareness and engagement with its products among female millennials, that would ultimately drive traffic and sales of the products through its retail partners. plusOne looked to its Communications team at Hotwire to develop a cost-effective, smart and creative campaign that engaged this hard-to-reach target audience.
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USA Anki

Becoming the #1 Funded Robotics Project on Kickstarter

Anki, known for its toy robots, was planning a new product launch that would take them out of the toy space and into the home, moving from a company that sells to children to one that sells to all. As part of the product launch, Anki made the decision to launch the product exclusively on Kickstarter in early August, two months ahead of its on-sale launch at retailers.
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USA Chatmeter

Building a B2B Brand in a Crowded Space

With the proliferation of social media and the increased adoption of review sites like Yelp as an instant way to engage with brands, it’s nearly impossible for a brand to manage the buzz created by consumers and influencers. Helping to manage brand reputations at scale, Chatmeter had little reputation itself within the broader marketing/tech industry. To build awareness and support business growth, we developed an integrated communications program with the goal of educating brands on why reputation management is critical to their success.
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USA Targus

Making Noise at the Biggest Event of the Year

Targus, known mostly for their backpacks and accessories, needed to make a big splash at CES 2019 and also reinvent their image, highlighting that they are an innovative company that delivers unique solutions for consumers, business and IT professionals. Hotwire was asked to drive awareness around their key products and secure top-tier media to stop by the show floor, which was showcasing their new lineup of accessories including a Qi charging backpack, Quad HD-docking solutions, and MiraLogic Workstation.
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AUS Advertising Week

Bringing the World's Premier Ad Event to APAC

9,000 attendees, more than 200 speakers and 100+ seminars and workshops in just four days is no small feat – especially if you’re doing it for the first time. As the world’s largest gathering for marketing and communications leaders, Advertising Week had already been around the globe. But in 2018, it decided to come to Sydney, Australia, for the first time, and enlisted us to launch the event across the entire Asia-Pacific region.

So, what needed to be done to convince brand professionals that it wasn’t a standard run-of-the-mill industry conference?
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UK Citrix

Strengthening Citrix's security credentials

Citrix is a global cloud software provider. Recognized as a leader in multiple analyst reports for desktop virtualisation, cloud and content collaboration services, it is primarily known for its ability to deliver improved productivity. Its applications include enabling ‘working from anywhere’ - seen as an attractive proposition for driving efficiency, but not typically associated with being cyber ‘secure’.

With breaches hitting the headlines again this year, as well as the launch of the general data protection regulation (GDPR), communicating Citrix’s security knowledge and credentials was critical for the business. For this reason, our campaign sought to help organisations understand how to fix the causes behind data breaches, as well as addressing the symptoms.
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ESP Hisense

Activation of sponsorship of the Football World Cup

Hisense, one of the largest Asian manufacturers of electronic consumers goods, was the official television brand sponsor of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. Aiming to increase awareness and leverage FIFA’s existing global marketing and advertising activities, Hisense asked Hotwire to help with strategic communications, social media and web positioning in the Spanish and Portuguese markets.
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AUS Procore

Taking construction to the cloud with Procore

Procore Technologies Inc. is a leading provider of cloud-based applications for the construction industry. Based in the US, Procore was a market leader locally and was making its first moves internationally by expanding into the Australia and New Zealand region. Procore partnered with Hotwire to launch in the ANZ market, and break through the noise in a market that was already serviced by a home-grown con-tech provider.

Procore did not want to be positioned as the ‘US giant’ entering a market merely to make a profit. Instead, it was essential that Procore was seen as a partner in the local industry – a long-term friend that would give back to the construction community and make a real investment to the future of the industry locally.
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DE Vivy

The digital healthcare record for everyone

Vivy is a digital healthcare assistant in which the insured can bundle and classify their healthcare data to actively shape their health. As an electronic healthcare record, Vivy is part of a new healthcare ecosystem linking users with doctors, hospitals, health insurance companies and supplementary insurances. Up to 25 million policyholders would be able to benefit from the partnership right from the start. This was to be announced in a major launch with media and publicity impact and a lead time of only four weeks, with a press conference followed by an in-depth half-day symposium in Berlin including all the funds, insurance companies, service providers and partners already involved. The aim was and remains to win more insurance companies and service providers as partners and to interest first potential users in the digital healthcare assistant.
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AUS Cyara

Moving a start-up to an industry leader

Cyara knew they had a great software as a service that would revolutionise the way companies measure their customer experience, but because the space was virtually untapped, they needed to explain why. Cyara approached Hotwire as they’d had trouble in the past with prospective clients being unaware of the problems Cyara could solve. They needed Hotwire to create a media relations campaign that educated business, marketing and technology decision-makers on what they were doing wrong.
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USA Swivelfly

Generating a 107% increase in brand awareness

When the (now called) Swivelfly team first approached Hotwire they had a vision and business model in mind to disrupt and forever change the workspace furnishing industry. Bruce Paul, Swivelfly’s CEO, recognised the office furnishing industry was slow to innovate and that there was no great solution for the fast-paced startup community. Bruce had the plan to develop a technology that would automate the unnecessarily complex process of furnishing for startups. Our Strategy and Marketing Services (SMS) team had a plan to bring the brand to life.

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UAE Xerox

Moving a brand beyond hardware

Back in 2004, Xerox Middle East (ME) suffered from very low awareness among its target customer base of SMEs, enterprises and Government sector. Since then, our exclusive partner in the Middle East, Active DMC, has worked with the company to support its positioning in the marketplace from a copying and printing hardware business to being recognised as a global leader in document management products and services. The relationship continues to this day. 
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UAE AliBaba Cloud

Conquering the Middle Eastern Cloud Market

Alibaba Cloud, the cloud-computing arm of Alibaba Group approached Active DMC, Hotwire’s exclusive Middle Eastern partner, to launch a new data centre and to announce a joint venture known as Yvolv with Dubai based holding company, Meeras. The objectives of the launch campaign were three pronged: firstly, to increase awareness around the importance of hosting public cloud accounts within the country; secondly to create awareness of Alibaba Cloud in region; and finally to explain the background to the joint venture with Meeras. 
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Turning a tech leader into a thought leader

F5 has a sophisticated technology solution that is difficult to communicate to media and prospects. The company's heritage was as a ‘load-balancing’ solution provider, but now they’re so much more. Hotwire was tasked with educating the ANZ market on new positioning around ‘application delivery’, including the security and cloud-migration and cloud enablement aspects of the solution.
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NED Wacom Bamboo

Working with influencers to reach 1m people

Wacom Consumer wanted to create awareness for the Wacom Bamboo among their target groups by working alongside some important influencers. In particular, Wacom wanted to get in front of the student crowd, engage with them and be in the places they hung out. To do that, they asked our exclusive partner, Yellow Communications to develop a campaign that brought the right influencers into Wacom and took the right content out to the audience.
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BRA Voltalia

Taking Wind Farms to Government

Launching a major new wind power cluster in a remote area of Brazil was the challenge faced by Voltalia, an international renewables company with headquarters in France. The company approached Hotwire’s exclusive partner in Brazil, VIANEWS, to manage the entire process with the brief to use the launch to build on its growing reputation as an ethical, sustainable, technological, modern and innovative company that is investing in the development of the Brazilian energy infrastructure.
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Global The Health Tech Alliance

Building industry voice for health tech

Despite the Government and NHS England being keen for the health service to adopt innovation, companies producing medical technologies continue to face challenges around market access and reimbursement. This is often despite receiving a positive assessment of their cost-effectiveness from Government bodies. Companies feel that their products are not afforded the same attention and public profile as other treatments, despite the benefits to patients and the long-term cost savings they offer to the health service. It was time that the industry came together under one banner to be heard and start changing the industry for the better. This was the challenge that our exclusive Public Affairs partner, Political Intelligence addressed.

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Global Resonate

How we put an SME at the heart of Government policy

Resonate, a rail signalling company, wanted to prove to their customers that their technology was more innovative and flexible, would lead to better outcomes for rail passengers, as well as leading to significant cost savings for the tax payer. In a very competitive market of multi-national corporations within very rigid procurement frameworks, the challenge was to develop relationships amongst policy makers and wider stakeholders to help people understand the benefits of their technology.  
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NED Citrix

Getting mobile working back on the news agenda

Citrix focuses on a single driving principle: making the world’s apps and data secure and easy to access. Anywhere. At any time. And on any device or network. The increasingly mobile modern workforce is an important driver for the Citrix strategy. The New Way of Work got a lot of attention in the late 2000’s, but has slowly slipped out of the public’s focus since. Citrix asked our exclusive partners, Yellow Communications, to rekindle media attention for the mobility theme in the Netherlands and breath life back into their overarching messaging.
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AUS Brauz

Taking a start-up to investors in three months

Brauz is a personalised retail app that connects shoppers to brands they love in local brick-and-mortar stores through innovative technologies, including virtual reality and beacons.

The Melbourne-based start-up has been developing the product for almost four years, but now needed a communications campaign on a limited budget to build their profile in order to attract investors for their Series A funding round.

It was up to us to make sure that Brauz didn't just get good brand exposure, but got under the noses of the investors that would be helping the brand get to the next level.
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Increasing confidence by 14% in three months

Household Aussie payments brand, BPAY Group, developed the country's first overlay service on Australia’s new industry-wide banking infrastructure, the New Payments Platform.The new product, Osko, was aimed squarely at consumers through their existing digital banking platforms.

But when it comes to financial services, trust is a crucial. So, BPAY Group tasked Hotwire with ensuring this new brand was unveiled successfully to the banks and credit unions who needed the confidence to offer this service to their customers.
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ESP Campo Viejo

Doubling engagement across social channels

One of the most recognised wine brands in the world needed to take its fantastic brand awareness and start having meaningful conversations with consumers across social channels. The challenge was this, how do you pivot a communications strategy that has been built around increasing recognition towards an engagement strategy that is built on generating meaningful relationships?
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USA Unify

Bringing 23,000 active readers to a digital magazine

Siemen’s Enterprise Communications hired Hotwire to relaunch the brand as Unify. The global launch engaged employees, customers, and online influencers establishing credibility and visibility for Unify as a world-class brand. Hotwire also created and launched ‘The New Way to Work’ campaign. The market was crowded with heavy weights (like IBM) launching their own products. In fact, they started to ride the coat-tails of our ‘New Way to Work’ campaign messaging with more ad dollars to spread the word. Our challenge was to deposition the competition and position Unify as a leader just ahead of a new product launch.
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USA Commvault

Generating 204% boost in social followers

Commvault came to Hotwire with a need to build its social community on Twitter and to increase social engagement both externally and internally. As one of the most successful and established companies in data backup and recovery, Commvault was battling an awareness problem in the digital space: their competitors had more Twitter followers and more engagement – making them seem stronger and larger. The impact on Commvault’s visibility and credibility with potential customers was noticeable and needed to be brought to represent reality. Hotwire’s Stategy and Marketing Services (SMS) team was challenged to rectify this quickly and cost-efficiently.
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