Campaign overview

Healthcare staff spend half their time doing clinical documentation. And, despite the goal of digitising by 2020, nine in 10 NHS Trusts were still handwriting patient records last year. Nuance’s technology allows staff to complete clinical documentation in half the time, using speech recognition, yet, there was low Nuance brand awareness among the 223 NHS Trusts.

What we did

Hotwire was tasked with driving awareness and new business opportunities for Nuance Dragon Medical in secondary care, as well as articulating a clear and overarching business story for the Nuance healthcare division, raising awareness of the challenges health Trusts face today and positioning Nuance’s technology as a means of addressing such issues.

The team worked directly with Nuance to develop a narrative on the critical challenges the NHS faces in regards to clinical documentation – and then presented a clear solution, promoting the impact of Nuance’s technology from a live case study.


The content generated national and tier one media coverage, encouraged targeted social engagement and resulted in nearly 200 new business leads – as well as five direct customer requests for demonstrations of the technology.

With South Tees, we crafted a campaign that cut through the usual drumbeat of NHS debate and conjecture – shedding light on the documentation challenge and showcasing Nuance as an industry partner that can help NHS Trusts meet growing patient needs.

Global reach.
Local flavour.