Campaign overview

Siemen’s Enterprise Communications hired Hotwire to relaunch the brand as Unify. The global launch engaged employees, customers, and online influencers establishing credibility and visibility for Unify as a world-class brand. Hotwire also created and launched ‘The New Way to Work’ campaign. The market was crowded with heavy weights (like IBM) launching their own products. In fact, they started to ride the coat-tails of our ‘New Way to Work’ campaign messaging with more ad dollars to spread the word. Our challenge was to deposition the competition and position Unify as a leader just ahead of a new product launch.

What we did

After a thorough audience analysis we created The New Way to Work digital magazine, powered by Unify. We paired this with a tightly run influencer marketing program convening a conversation on The New Way to Work from the perspective of culture, technology and people. By creating a destination for news and online content related to the future of work we sent a clear and loud message to the industry that we are leaders and in fact still own the conversation.


The results were astounding. We created 265 stories and 30K plus viewers in the first three months. With 23K active readers on average, The New Way to Work digital magazine was the number one lead generation source for the launch of Unify’s product.

Global reach.
Local flavour.