Campaign overview

Despite the Government and NHS England being keen for the health service to adopt innovation, companies producing medical technologies continue to face challenges around market access and reimbursement. This is often despite receiving a positive assessment of their cost-effectiveness from Government bodies. Companies feel that their products are not afforded the same attention and public profile as other treatments, despite the benefits to patients and the long-term cost savings they offer to the health service. It was time that the industry came together under one banner to be heard and start changing the industry for the better. This was the challenge that our exclusive Public Affairs partner, Political Intelligence addressed.

What we did

We brought to the table a range of companies, from start-ups to multinationals to discuss solutions to the challenges they faced. We were asked by those firms to create a coalition with the objective of transforming access to medical technologies which subsequently led to the creation of the ‘Health Tech Alliance’ in 2017. To further enhance the organisation’s credibility, we secured the involvement of Dame Barbara Hakin, former Deputy Chief Executive of NHS England, as the Alliance’s Chair.


The ‘Health Tech Alliance’ now represents a range of companies from start-ups to multinationals all facing similar market access and reimbursement challenges. This has led to us creating a credible representative grouping which has enhanced the industry’s voice.

Following on from the creation of the alliance, we have identified and developed strong relationships with key decision-makers within NHS England, NICE, NHS Improvement, Office for Life Sciences and Academic Health Science Networks, all of which now have direct dialogue with the members of the organisation.

Finally, we regularly provide exclusive opportunities provided for members of the Alliance to hear from key decision-makers first-hand and hear about major announcements so that they can effectively plan and develop their business with this access to information.

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