Campaign overview

Downer is the leading provider of integrated services in Australia and New Zealand and employs over 53,000 people. Although Downer is responsible for infrastructure and services that their customers and the community rely on daily, Downer isn’t a household brand name. Hotwire’s task was to showcase Downer’s brand story, bringing to light the unparalleled breadth of work that sustains the modern environment.

What we did

Hotwire established Downer’s brand architecture, developed a complete service offer ecosystem infographic and articulated the benefits for the end user. Introducing a more human and authentic brand foundation was the creative starting point for the corporate video. The video brought Downer’s diverse work behind the scenes to the fore, highlighting Downer’s impact in delivering valuable services for their customers to help them make people’s lives better. The Downer corporate video is used extensively by Downer for corporate events, AGMs, stakeholder communications, marketing and in Downer office reception areas.


The brand video has had 600% more views across You Tube and social media compared to other Downer video posts.

Global reach.
Local flavour.