Campaign overview

Alibaba Cloud, the cloud-computing arm of Alibaba Group approached Active DMC, Hotwire’s exclusive Middle Eastern partner, to launch a new data centre and to announce a joint venture known as Yvolv with Dubai based holding company, Meeras. The objectives of the launch campaign were three pronged: firstly, to increase awareness around the importance of hosting public cloud accounts within the country; secondly to create awareness of Alibaba Cloud in region; and finally to explain the background to the joint venture with Meeras. 

What we did

We decided to hold the launch event in the presence of VIPs and partners followed by an official press conference. Spokespeople from both Alibaba Cloud and Yvolv addressed the media during the conference. As a direct result of a tailored messaging and a media training workshop conducted by Active DMC, the company spokespeople were able to convey with clarity the joint venture structure and Alibaba Cloud’s role in it. The key messages also focused strongly on why it is critical to host public clouds within the region from a security point of view as well as the venture’s competitive pricing structure for small and medium business and government bodies. 

Although Alibaba Cloud originates from China, which can be an obstacle for winning over regional customers, it was also important to emphasize the company’s cutting-edge solutions in collaboration with Intel, a leading hardware solution provider for public cloud data centres in the region. 


The event created a positive platform for Alibaba Cloud’s entrance into the market as well as its strong positioning within the challenging public sector policy market. While addressing challenges faced by public sector organisations in the region, Alibaba Cloud was set to cater to the vast SME sector that represents one of the biggest business opportunities in the cloud-computing segment. 

The event was well attended by 90% of target media outlets, including tier 1 media with a mix of business, technology and international news outlets. CCTV held the interview with Alibaba Cloud’s key spokesperson giving this story a global reach. Technology media interactions allowed us to create a competitive platform for Alibaba Cloud’s offerings against well-established global counterparts and winning 29% share of voice in the Middle East. 

Global reach.
Local flavour.