Campaign overview

In 2009, Nikon launched its D90 camera, the first video Reflex. In 2010, Nikon launched its new successful brand campaign “Je suis”. In order to position Nikon as an innovative video brand, the camera brand needed to set up an action plan to reach influencers in the film industry, galvanise consumers to engage with the brand and ultimately dominate share of voice amongst its competitors.

What we did

We knew that the community Nikon was targeting were social creators. They wanted to generated their own movies, images and content and share them for kudos and for learning. This is what we capitalised on when we launched the first online film festival. Users were encouraged to create a 140 sec movie with a Nikon and to share it on the Nikon Film Festival online platform.

Movies were then selected by a Nikon panel of judges consisting of movie makers, directors and fashion and art influencers. What was the prize? The chance to attend your own extraordinary awards ceremony with a whole host of well known influencers and media at the event.

This inaugural film festival was so well received in 2010 it is now an annual occurrence for the brand.


During the latest Nikon Film Festival, 1056 movies were submitted, 1.7M visitors came to the website, 300k votes were made and over 400k shares on Facebook and Twitter.

Within 5 years, the festival has become a springboard for video amateurs and enthusiasts in France and abroad and has tripled its size. It has now pop-up festivals across Europe, from Sweden to Belgium.

Thanks to the festival, Nikon is now positioned as the number one photo specialist in the industry.

Global reach.
Local flavour.