Campaign overview

Vivy is a digital healthcare assistant in which the insured can bundle and classify their healthcare data to actively shape their health. As an electronic healthcare record, Vivy is part of a new healthcare ecosystem linking users with doctors, hospitals, health insurance companies and supplementary insurances. Up to 25 million policyholders would be able to benefit from the partnership right from the start. This was to be announced in a major launch with media and publicity impact and a lead time of only four weeks, with a press conference followed by an in-depth half-day symposium in Berlin including all the funds, insurance companies, service providers and partners already involved. The aim was and remains to win more insurance companies and service providers as partners and to interest first potential users in the digital healthcare assistant.

What we did

This project got underway with a meeting of all involved parties on May 4, 2018: Vivy represented by former banking startup N26 CTO Christian Rebernik, former Health Minister and current Allianz PKV board member Daniel Bahr as well as communication representatives from Allianz PKV, DAK-Gesundheit, IKK classic, BAHN-BKK and the IT service provider BITMARCK. During this meeting, the decision was made to introduce Vivy in late June / early July with a press conference and in-depth symposium in Berlin. Hotwire received the order to prepare the event two weeks later.

Hotwire worked on the assignment in parallel with several teams: one handled event organization, including location search, booking service providers, creation and production of materials etc., while another prepared the event program itself. Tasks were distributed among participants and progress was communicated in several conference calls per week. Comprehensive planning documents were developed, such as an event dramaturgy, core messages, the press release and other background documents, with all stakeholders reaching consensus.

Hotwire regularly expanded its team as needed. Its services encompassed media and presentation training, media relations for the invitation, and extended to social media, content production and exclusive partnerships, such as with DPA in advance. Communication experts were on board alongside graphic designers, photographers and a video team. Our primary contact was Maria Steinhöfel, Marketing Manager at Vivy and our interface to all parties.


In just over a month, Hotwire organized an event with over 150 guests for Vivy and its participating partners. Launch day attracted more than 50 representatives from the press, including many from national syndicates and TV, as well as over 100 representatives from the healthcare sector and local politics. We counted upwards of 450 print and online articles directly after the event, reaching more than 60 million MUU and 14.5 million print readers in total. On Twitter, we saw 1,700 interactions, 500 mentions and 350% organic growth of followers. There were also clear and immediate business results: we had received more than five requests from potential new partners and supporters within a few days.

Global reach.
Local flavour.