Campaign overview

As the UK’s national meteorological service, the Met Office has an official remit to provide weather information to the whole of society. However, the Met Office was struggling to engage 18 – 35 year old users through its existing social media channels. They came to Hotwire to understand how this demographic were using social media and learn how they could start winning some hearts and minds.

What we did

We started by building up a picture of what the audience was interested in and how they use social media, by analysing online discussion and carrying out qualitative and quantitative research with 18 – 35 year olds.

Next, we analysed comparative organisations, competitors and brands, to understand how they were using existing and emerging social channels to engage younger users and identify best practice. We found that the Met Office would need to adopt a more informal tone of voice and embrace the style and culture of emerging channels such as Snapchat to cut through.

We developed a communications strategy to enable the Met Office to reach and engage a larger audience, and produced a creative communications plan to support the organisation’s first foray into the world of Snapchat.


Supported by pre-planned activity across all of the Met Office’s social channels, we saw fantastic results during the launch period and beyond. Despite having to adjust some of the campaign activity slightly because of the terrorist attacks in London, the launch was highly engaging, helping the Met Office to rack up more than 1k new followers and 22k views of Snapchat content in just two weeks. The campaign saw an exceptional average completion rate of 95%, rising to 98% for some activity, providing a strong indication that the content and strategy was pitched perfectly for the audience.

"Thank you for all your help ahead of the launch, it really helped to form the campaign and it was successful across all our channels despite some last minute changes."
Anna Slingo, Social Media Manager, Met Office