Campaign overview

Commvault has been around for more than 20 years in the data management, backup, archive and disaster recovery industry. The company holds a market leading position and is fairly well-known among the analyst community. However, Commvault hadn't received as much recognition across its broader audience segments – especially when it came to brand, awareness, social presence and overall share of voice. That is, until Hotwire stepped in.

Commvault began working with Hotwire in early 2016 to build a fully integrated communications program that would 1) drive thought leadership in a crowded market, 2) set the company apart from the rest and 3) deliver overall awareness to drive engagement with media, influencers, customers and prospects.

In 2019, things shook up: Commvault secured a new CEO and, shortly afterwards, announced an acquisition – the first of both instances in the company’s history – and launched a new SaaS offering. Commvault needed to show how these events contributed to a larger strategic vision and focal shift for the company.

What we did

Hotwire developed a succinct narrative connecting Commvault’s core strengths: its new leadership & direction, new progressive strategy, first-ever acquisition and competitor differentiation as well as a new SaaS offering through Metallic, a Commvault venture. To get as smart as possible ahead of the news, the team conducted a deep-dive media and social analysis around industry conversations, competitive executive messaging and market penetration.

These insights fueled the development of a strategic integrated plan including paid, earned, shared and owned programs across channels – engaging both business and technology audiences around the announcements. Hotwire developed a media strategy that prioritized offering the news as an exclusive to a select reporter at a tier one business publication, while simultaneously offering briefings under embargo for key trade media.

Hotwire also managed Commvault’s social media, overseeing organic content and paid strategy and arranging a successful Facebook Live interview between the CMO and CEO, which was also distributed internally and received positive engagement. Working closely with the Hedvig (acquisition) marketing team to drive strategy around the acquisition, both were able to deliver a consistent message and bring executive faces to the forefront for unity.


Before and during the CEO announcement, Hotwire was a true partner to Commvault – and the results are proof. Commvault received 45 pieces of US coverage and 20.9 million social impressions which included 25 thousand customers and partners engaged. Around the CEO news specifically, the Americas had 31% SOV among priority media and 45% worldwide.

With Commvault’s Hedvig acquisition news, Hotwire landed 42 pieces of US media coverage and eight pieces of analyst coverage. Social coverage was impressive as well, with 1,786 mentions (a 433% increase compared to a typical day), 6.4 million owned impressions, 56.5 million earned impressions and a reach of 4.7 million – a direct impact of the winning influencer strategy the team implemented. Commvault also saw 47% SOV globally among priority media, demonstrating how Hotwire’s efforts across PR, AR and social helped Commvault stand out as an innovative player in a competitive space.

The company’s share across competitors moved from 5th to 3rd in overall brand awareness. And the communications enabled the sales organization to highlight customer success through media coverage, social engagement and thought leadership which is ultimately driving more deals.

The Hotwire team didn’t stop there as the momentum continued with the company’s annual user conference that resulted in 350 pieces of coverage globally, 67% social media share of voice, 943 million social impressions and a 43% media share of voice putting Commvault in the lead against all other competitors in the space.

During the conference, the team also launched Metallic, a Commvault venture with nearly 60 pieces of coverage globally including an exclusive with Forbes and TechCrunch.

The momentum the program has developed has successfully put Commvault exactly where they want to be – in a position to make bold moves and confirming to the market that they are a company that has changed and re-invested itself to be a #NewCommvault.

“Hotwire is truly a strategic partner for Commvault. Far beyond their communications remit, we regularly rely on their counsel to support us in tackling pivotal business decisions. Our C-Suite has come to depend on the measurable, high-impact results that they deliver for us not only in the US, but globally. We love Hotwire!”

– Miranda Foster,
Vice President, Communications

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