Campaign overview

Sengled, a smart lighting manufacturer, was gearing up for a year of massive goals and knew they had to evolve their brand to establish relevance and create an emotional connection with a new target audience – moving from mostly early adopters to mainstream. That’s where Hotwire’s Strategy & Marketing services team came in.

What we did

We began our work with Sengled by conducting an in-depth audience and market perception study to better understand consumers behaviors and desires as it related to the smart home and smart lighting ecosystems. Using these insights, we conducted two strategic workshops from which new messaging and positioning and a refreshed visual identity were born. Their new brand expression, “Do more with your light,” directly addressed the mainstream audience’s top barrier to entry: lack of understanding of how else lighting could benefit everyday life beyond turning on and off. With this lens in mind, our team built a suite of assets – from brand guidelines to brand and product videos – to help Sengled transition from a traditionally technical narrative to a more human-benefit driven one.


With a single-minded brand narrative that spoke directly to their consumers, Sengled was ready for the spotlight. The platform was soft-launched during the Black Friday news cycle and further rolled out at CES in Las Vegas, resulting in a home run with both the media and consumers. The new message resonated with press beyond their traditional tech-press appeal, garnering interest in broadcast and lifestyle which better reached their new target audience. The biggest proof of success? Exceeded sales goals and happy customers who finally understood what doing more with light was all about.

Global reach.
Local flavour.