Campaign overview

We all know that the Internet of Things (IoT) space is a crowded and noisy space. Telefonica wanted to ensure that its voice got heard, and challenged us to develop a Twitter strategy that would not only ensure the company was able to get its point across, but to also establish the brand as a credible and trusted source of information in the IoT world.

What we did

Working with Telefonica, we developed a bank of core topics and themes that we knew Telefonica could reliably discuss and add value to through the company’s extensive knowledge bank and resources. We ensured that the campaign was focused on listening closely to what key discussions were trending, rapidly developing opinion and advice and entering the conversation in a useful and engaging way.

We were constantly looking for that next opportunity to present Telefonica as a thought leader in the IoT debate and even began contributing great content to topics around Machine to Machine interactions and Artificial Intelligence.

Through a continuous stream of engagements, focused on being useful rather than loud, a well established community of followers developed. It was at this point that the team, through clever positioning of products and services, were able to further cement Telefonica messaging into the conversation.


As a consequence of this activity, Telefonica IoT channels have become one of the main industry references and reliable source of information on IoT trends. In terms of social reach, Telefonica is by far, the leading telco vendor with the highest number of audience and followers. In addition, Telefonica IoT has been recognized as the most influential brand in the IoT industry. And as a direct result of this content led social approach, Telefonica has been able to attract highly influential bloggers to its platform, including Kevin Ashton, the inventor of the term “Internet Of Things”.

Global reach.
Local flavour.