Campaign overview

Resonate, a rail signalling company, wanted to prove to their customers that their technology was more innovative and flexible, would lead to better outcomes for rail passengers, as well as leading to significant cost savings for the tax payer. In a very competitive market of multi-national corporations within very rigid procurement frameworks, the challenge was to develop relationships amongst policy makers and wider stakeholders to help people understand the benefits of their technology.  

What we did

Working with our public affairs partner, Political Intelligence, we were asked to support Resonate in their profile building campaign by establishing relationships with key political and media stakeholders and influencers. We undertook a significant engagement plan with parliamentarians and civil servants to provide a greater understanding of the rail signalling solutions available and the potential problems around the current policy thinking. This involved some serious leg work.

Firstly, we needed to get Resonate as high up the agenda as possible, so we organised site visits from a variety of politicians including the Secretary of State for Transport. From this, we were able to get across Resonate’s point of view and establish a level of scrutiny on existing procurement processes by engaging directly with MPs through letters and select committee sessions.

Finally, we ensured that Resonate had its voice heard in policy consultations and through the development os significant policy events with senior stakeholders.


There was extensive political and media coverage of the rail signalling procurement process as part of the wider debate around improving the railways, this ultimately resulted in extensive political scrutiny into the “Traffic management” signalling project  and Resonate becoming plugged into policymaking, including an invitation to join the Rail Supply Group, a cross Government and industry grouping designed to strengthen the rail supply chain.

Resonate have since been invited to conduct a signalling trial on the Great Western Line with support from the Minister.

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