Campaign overview

Household Aussie payments brand, BPAY Group, developed the country's first overlay service on Australia’s new industry-wide banking infrastructure, the New Payments Platform.The new product, Osko, was aimed squarely at consumers through their existing digital banking platforms.

But when it comes to financial services, trust is a crucial. So, BPAY Group tasked Hotwire with ensuring this new brand was unveiled successfully to the banks and credit unions who needed the confidence to offer this service to their customers.

What we did

First things first, we did some digging.

Research revealed that financial institutions reacted with scepticism to the fact they would have to incorporate an independent brand into their digital banking channels and marketing. Therefore, credible research from a third party on end-user perception of the new brand was a critical success factor for the BPAY Group to gain their buy-in. The team developed a research presentation and video to take audiences on the journey about the Osko by BPAY brand.

Next we needed some clear, transparent comms. An in-person briefing strategy with an open Q&A format empowered BPAY Group to control the overall message, tone, and atmosphere of the room when presenting to each audience. If stakeholders were looking confused or unreceptive to the new brand, tone could be adjusted accordingly. Timeline was a key component of the strategy, to give BPAY Group the best chance of communicating the new brand to a receptive audience that didn’t have prior assumptions.

The Hotwire team delivered training around use of assets delivered and coaching of spokespeople about how best to deliver their presentations and respond to any tricky questions.


The campaign educated the banks and credit unions about the new brand, generating multiple pieces of positive feedback.

The strategy and supporting materials were one side of this success, but equally important was the work we did to empower BPAY Group to communicate and control key messages to their stakeholders through coaching sessions.

The campaign ensured that BPAY Group fulfilled its role as a partner of banks and credit unions, as demonstrated by a 274% increase in web traffic to the Osko by BPAY™ financial institution member web page in the three months following the campaign.

In addition, banks and credit unions reported a 14% increase in confidence that BPAY Group will deliver key services.

Global reach.
Local flavour.