Campaign overview

5G is one of those buzzwords which every brand wants to own – there’s a whole lot of noise around it, but far too little discussion of the real-world impact. Enter Qualcomm - the global chipmaker and telecoms equipment maker who tasked us with using the world’s biggest mobile event, Mobile World Congress (MWC), to stake its claim as the leader in the development and rollout of 5G.

What we did

To stand apart from the competition we focused on talking about the practical impacts Qualcomm and its partners could offer today, rather than indulging in navel gazing about the future. We took a four-pronged strategic approach to deliver this:

1. Creating understanding through insight by grounding the entire campaign in data + market understanding
2. Driving interest through earned media – ensuring that every journalist who wanted to know about 5G had an opportunity to speak to Qualcomm
3. Defeating doubt with education – through the creation of a hero platform for Qualcomm EMEA president Enrico Salvatori comprising thought leadership, keynote talk and partner event
4. Dominating MWC 5G discussion through bespoke assets including a 5G Journey map to help attendees navigate the show


With our help Qualcomm dominated the 5G discussion at MWC 2019 – we briefed over 150 journalists across seven roundtables and numerous press conferences ensuring that no one was left in any doubt as to the real world applications of 5G. And crucially the impact of this was felt beyond the show – we generated over 10,000 pieces of coverage across Europe and delivered a 299% increase in web traffic to 5G landing pages on Qualcomm’s site.

“MWC is the single biggest moment each year for Qualcomm and the wider mobile industry. In 2019, the stakes were even higher than usual because every vendor is competing for mindshare around 5G – a major battleground. Hotwire’s support for Qualcomm during this time was absolutely critical. Not only did they help orchestrate our biggest ever media presence at the event, but they supported on executive communications, influencer relations, social and creating collateral – a truly integrated approach which meant that we owned the narrative around 5G in the run up to, and at, the event.”

– Richard Tinkler, Senior Director of Marketing, Qualcomm

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