Campaign overview

Cyara knew they had a great software as a service that would revolutionise the way companies measure their customer experience, but because the space was virtually untapped, they needed to explain why. Cyara approached Hotwire as they’d had trouble in the past with prospective clients being unaware of the problems Cyara could solve. They needed Hotwire to create a media relations campaign that educated business, marketing and technology decision-makers on what they were doing wrong.

What we did

Together with Cyara, Hotwire identified key ‘white spaces’ in the media for Cyara to own with unique thought leadership content. This allowed Cyara to direct the conversation and challenge what was considered the ‘norm’. We focused the campaign around one central topic, ‘Operational Customer Experience (OCX) measurement’, beginning the process by defining it, then progressively introducing more in-depth ideas and messaging into the conversation until they could say they effectively ‘coined the phrase’. We also developed corporate content for executives to push through owned channels, including LinkedIn, further supporting the OCX media messaging and driving prospective customers to the website.


Cyara remains one of the only companies to talk about and develop ideas around the term OCX measurement, and has generated interest around the term through leading business, tech and marketing publications. Cyara has become an authority on the topic and a go-to for providing media commentary on customer service and customer experience.

Global reach.
Local flavour.