Campaign overview

With its annual holiday shopping report, Adobe had its sights on becoming the go-to company for insights, by increasing YoY press coverage and owning the holiday retail conversation. With projected data and actuals around online holiday sales, top sellers, and best days to shop during the holiday season, Hotwire collaborated with Adobe to drive media coverage of the report and showcase Adobe's range of Analytics capabilities.

What we did

Hotwire worked with Adobe to pitch projected data for each day during Cyber Week as well as actual data on online spend to reporters, making sure all coverage was attributed back to Adobe Analytics. Adobe then launched a microsite that hosted all the insights.


In partnership with Adobe, Hotwire secured record-breaking traction across national broadcast, top-tier business and mass-consumer outlets. Adobe spokespeople were featured on all four major networks (ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX), and CNBC’s Jim Cramer referred to the company as the “official tracker of retail sales.” To date, more than 10K stories have appeared across print & online and broadcast with 93% of the stories attributing the findings to Adobe Analytics (compared to 64% in 2018).

Global reach.
Local flavour.