Campaign overview

ANGED (Asociación Nacional de Grandes Empresas de Distribución) is the Spanish association of big retail stores. Its mission is to represent and defend the industry interests with public administrations, union representatives and every other social, economic, cultural or political institution. They needed Hotwire to create content and get in front of the right people.

What we did

Since 2015, the social media strategy created and implemented by us put a focus on generating and promoting content that showed the relevance of ANGED associates in the Spanish economy and society and its bet on digital transformation. We created more than 70 blogposts covering topics such as economy, legislation, retail trends, CSR and digital transformation of retail.

We then created and took over ANGED’s social media channels, targeted specific audiences with the right content and created engagements with the right people.


We wanted to pace emphasis on the account that really mattered to ANGED’s audience, Twitter. So we promoted the content across the Twitter channel resulting in a growth of 500%. We also created two new social media channels for ANGED: a Linkedin page and a Facebook page named “La tienda del futuro” (The shop of the future) which is one of the most followed business association Facebook pages in Spain with more than 3,000 fans.

Moreover, we have reached ANGED’s targets through different contents, depending on the topic and dozens of influencers have reacted positively to our influencer campaigns.

Global reach.
Local flavour.