Campaign overview

As Sabre transformed travel and Stripe is changing commerce with trustworthy, accountable networks and real-time data-processing, project44 has been quickly building the global fabric for accountable supply chains. The trouble? The Chicago-based company was primarily talking to the trade media, struggling to stand out amongst the noise on new tech in supply chain, and wasn’t clearly differentiating itself from less-capable competitors, large legacy providers or far-flung tech. With the aim of increasing coverage in tech and business media, project44 brought Hotwire on board to help break through the conversation and be seen beyond just their trade.

What we did

Hotwire dug into the project44 technology, the founders’ story and the market players to produce a strategy to promote project44 as the only player in supply chain tech with the industry experience, infrastructure and model to make a global impact. The team connected the company to trending stories – on issues from sustainability and to grocery delivery challenges – to generate interest among national business and consumer media. With the shift from product-focused news generation to business and societal issues, Hotwire was able to help project44 develop stories that resonated with stakeholders beyond the logistics and transportation functions.


Within six months, Hotwire secured 130+ unique articles for project44, over half of which were covered by Tier 1 media. With an increase of 15% in share of voice, project44 has been positioned as the expert on supply chain tech and logistics and has moved beyond their competitive set as they continue their communications program.

Global reach.
Local flavour.