Campaign overview

Eaton came to Hotwire and its partner network of agencies across Europe to help share messaging around their solutions, which include a whole raft of technologies that enable the energy transition, in sectors from commercial and residential building to data centers, from energy production to electric vehicles and energy storage. Eaton’s goal was to continue to expand brand awareness and break into international business media.

Hotwire advised Eaton that to bring the energy transition to life, real-life solutions with brand appeal and easy-to-understand implementations would be the key to unlocking media beyond the energy trade press.

At the Johan Cruijff Arena in Amsterdam, the entire stadium is on an energy storage system using electric vehicle batteries, the largest in Europe. This battery storage system was implemented to provide a more reliable and efficient energy supply for the stadium, its visitors, the local community, and the Dutch energy grid. The impressive forward-thinking project went live in July 2018, thanks to the work of Eaton, Nissan, BAM and The Mobility House. Eaton, Hotwire and its partner agencies chose this implementation as the focus of the pan-EMEA campaign around the energy transition.

What we did

Thanks to Hotwire’s borderless collaboration, teams from across seven countries worked seamlessly to put on a press tour of the Arena, so journalists could see the energy storage system in action. The UK, Italian, French, Dutch, Spanish, Finnish and German teams sent 27 journalists to Amsterdam and managed 16 interviews with Eaton spokespeople. Message development, media training Eaton and its partners’ spokespeople, organisation of a panel discussion on the energy transition, and the local team on the ground in Amsterdam was critical to the success of the multi-national press tour.

As well as the press tour, the wider Hotwire and Eaton teams worked across 16 different regions to pitch an additional 150 national, trade media and social influencers to raise awareness around the event.


As a result of the press tour and wider media relations, Hotwire secured 220 pieces of coverage, including top publications such as Wired.IT, La Stampa, Le Monde, Business Green and Gizmodo. With an additional 1,600 social media mentions, the team drove a wave of coverage across Europe, ensuring that Eaton’s brand and innovations became increasingly celebrated in the power management and energy sectors.

Global reach.
Local flavour.