Campaign Overview

Citrix is a global cloud software provider. Recognized as a leader in multiple analyst reports for desktop virtualisation, cloud and content collaboration services, it is primarily known for its ability to deliver improved productivity. Its applications include enabling ‘working from anywhere’ - seen as an attractive proposition for driving efficiency, but not typically associated with being cyber ‘secure’.

With breaches hitting the headlines again this year, as well as the launch of the general data protection regulation (GDPR), communicating Citrix’s security knowledge and credentials was critical for the business. For this reason, our campaign sought to help organisations understand how to fix the causes behind data breaches, as well as addressing the symptoms.

Our Approach

British Airways. Uber. Facebook. All were hit by high profile cyber-breaches recently – and all have had significant knock-on effects for the businesses. One type of attack, ransomware – which debilitated the NHS last year – will block access to systems until a ransom is paid to the attackers. To conceal the identity of the individual(s), many will demand payment in cryptocurrencies.

Our first campaign ‘peak’ sought to leverage this trend, with Hotwire and Citrix commissioning research around the changing choice, nature and use of cryptocurrencies – highlighting the number of organisations stockpiling crypto to pay ransoms, as well as educating businesses as to how to avoid such an attack, and therefore relying on this costly last-resort.

We then followed this up by launching a dedicated investigation into the cyber-resiliency of firms – specifically addressing concerns around their supply-chains, the deployment of cloud software and applications and their overall cyber strategy (or lack thereof).

Finally, we sought to reveal the number of organisations that had built up a stockpile of crypto – in case of a ransomware attack that needed quickly paying off – and then fallen victim to crypto-miners seeking to steal those funds.


We surpassed client expectations, driving significant share of voice across all channels, engaging target prospects directly and driving higher-than-expected volumes of traffic to Citrix-owned content. Results include:

• 59 pieces of earned media secured and published in publications such as Computer Weekly, ZDNet, Tech Radar Pro, IT Pro, IT Pro Portal, Information Age, Computer Business Review, Cloud Pro, Infosecurity Magazine, SC Media, Help Net Security and Professional Security

• 29% share of voice against key competitors discussing cyber-security in 2018

• Nearly triple the number of unique visitors to UK security focused Citrix blogs year-on-year (16,500 versus 6,900)

• 500,000 impressions and over 20,000 engagements on social

Global reach.
Local flavour.