Campaign overview

Procore Technologies Inc. is a leading provider of cloud-based applications for the construction industry. Based in the US, Procore was a market leader locally and was making its first moves internationally by expanding into the Australia and New Zealand region. Procore partnered with Hotwire to launch in the ANZ market, and break through the noise in a market that was already serviced by a home-grown con-tech provider.

Procore did not want to be positioned as the ‘US giant’ entering a market merely to make a profit. Instead, it was essential that Procore was seen as a partner in the local industry – a long-term friend that would give back to the construction community and make a real investment to the future of the industry locally.

How we solved the problem

Storytelling and strategic thought leadership were vital aspects of this campaign. First, we had to engage local influencers by facilitating media briefings in the con-tech space, many of whom were sceptical of a new player. It was essential that the story of Procore was spot on – we didn’t want to provoke a ‘David and Goliath’ storyline.

All mentions of other con-tech providers were stripped from the messaging in favour of Procore’s investment in the industry and local growth. This message was crafted to resonate with both national publications and industry media.

Hotwire worked closely with local spokespeople to align on these key points and ensure a unified message was communicated.


“Procore booming as builders see the light” was the title of Tier 1 coverage in The Australian, highlighting Procore’s goals without any negative mentions. This led to another two articles in The Australian, as the editor continues to follow Procore’s growth trajectory in the local market.

Further coverage was secured with industry media focusing on the growth story, local trends and market insights, customer success stories and product updates.

Jobsite was a local hit, sharing the stories of over 100 Australian construction professionals – further testament to Procore’s local investment.

Ultimately, the positive coverage has been backed by great customer wins, as Procore looks to make further investments locally.

Global reach.
Local flavour.