Campaign overview

9,000 attendees, more than 200 speakers and 100+ seminars and workshops in just four days is no small feat – especially if you’re doing it for the first time. As the world’s largest gathering for marketing and communications leaders, Advertising Week had already been around the globe. But in 2018, it decided to come to Sydney, Australia, for the first time, and enlisted us to launch the event across the entire Asia-Pacific region.

So, what needed to be done to convince brand professionals that it wasn’t a standard run-of-the-mill industry conference?

What we did

Hotwire introduced Advertising Week APAC by debunking any assumptions that it was just another industry event for event’s sake. The strategy focused on educating the media that Advertising Week is a unique hybrid of learning and networking opportunities, evening entertainment and special events that celebrate the marketing and communications industry and its people. Our campaign struck a fine balance between thought leadership and media engagement. First, a solid messaging framework for the event’s CEO, Advisory Council and partners was established, forming a strong thought leadership program in the lead up to the event. This was followed by a year-long process of creating and sustaining momentum through regular press announcements, proactive commentary and media interviews, so when it came to show time, the brand was top of mind.


Over the course of the campaign, 100+ pieces of coverage were secured, but it was the range of themes, topics and spokespeople featured in these news articles that was truly impactful. From the future of television in a world of streaming to the medicinal and mainstream uses of cannabis, Hotwire engaged journalists, professionals and influencers for thought-provoking stories, sparking conversations in and outside of media. The event statistics also speak for themselves: 9,000 attendees over four days, 4,400+ delegates and 200+ speakers. According to CEO Matthew Scheckner, Advertising Week APAC well exceeded expectations.

Global reach.
Local flavour.