Looking at things differently, challenging our clients to break convention and delivering business impact combine to create the Sydney Hotwire business. We’re located within our Parent company building meaning we have access to, and work tightly with, some of Australia’s finest marketing services minds. Our cool location combined with the borderless approach we take as part of the Hotwire family defines who we are. Fiercely Australian, passionately global, we are a team that thrives on delivering campaigns built around the business needs of our clients.

Written by Sippora Veen

Dangerous liaisons:
why partner marketing needs to go beyond the alliance

Traditionally the strategic focus for the partner marketing function has been on the alliance itself – the joint solutions, joint…

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Written by Luke Ireland

Hotwire Headlines #31

Marketing is dramatically changing and it’s time-consuming to stay on top of the latest trends—and to predict which of them…

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Inspirational Bites

Tech Trends Report

Alongside predictions on the ‘new normal’ for tech businesses and consumers, our experts have provided some thinking on how you can apply these trends to your marcomms strategy, to ensure you cut through the noise when addressing your key audiences and stakeholders.

B2B State of Hybrid Work

To understand what the future holds for businesses and communications professionals, we sat down with industry experts specializing in fields from research and security to AI. Through their insights, we’re able to explore what your company’s focus should be moving forward, challenges to prepare for in 2021, and the shifting tech landscape.

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