PR Measurement

Measuring the effectiveness of your PR campaigns helps identify areas where you can refine your strategies and take action to make informed decisions and demonstrate a tangible value to stakeholders.

Insight-led data solutions

Measure impact of your PR with CommsIQ

Our innovative CommsIQ approach provides live dashboards, real-time insights, actionable data, and comprehensive reports to empower our clients to make smart decisions, stay ahead of the competition and demonstrate measurable results.

Live Dashboards
See in real-time what your communications programs are delivering and how you are tracking against your key KPIs from media coverage to sentiment to website traffic and more.

Performance Reports
Report progress to your stakeholders against business objectives and uncover key drivers of success that will enable future strategies.

AI & Media Insights
We layer in AI & media insights from our measurement product suite including Cision, NetbaseQuid, Bombora, and Muckrack to help our technology clients optimize their PR and comms programs.


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Our services activate and deepen awareness and engagement to boost reputation; raise the number, value and scope of relationships and accelerate and grow new and repeat revenue. All to help you drive business growth.

Public Relations

We offer a comprehensive suite of PR services to enhance your brand’s visibility and reputation. Our capabilities transcend borders, delivering impactful results that resonate with diverse audiences worldwide.

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Marketing Data & Analytics

Enhance business growth through optimized insights and measurement for your digital marketing and influencer campaigns with our IQ Solutions.

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Research & Insights

Uncover the untapped potential of your market. Through meticulous data analysis, consumer insights, and trend tracking, we dive deep into the heart of your target audience, decoding their desires, motivations, and preferences.

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