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Have you ever wondered why we call a PowerPoint or presentation slides a deck? I asked myself...
ces tech las vegas
With just over 80 days until CES brings together the industry in-person after last year’s...
inclusive marketing design
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The short answer is yes, but this is not to be confused with the systematic...



We need to talk about mental health at work

The topic of stress and burnout is not foreign to anyone in the agency world, or to anyone who has juggled massive uncertainties of the world combined with personal and family pressures and the need to maintain a busy job with ongoing deadlines and demands (hello, everyone). In a recent chat with The Female Quotient, neuroscientist and author Dr. Wendy Suzuki made a good point that put this collective experience into perspective: anxiety is a normal human emotion, meaning we have the tools to...

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Phasing out 'brand awareness'

It's very common, in our little hubbub of marketing, to receive a brief with the words 'brand awareness' splattered all over it. And while, like demand generation, content syndication, account-based marketing, and many others 'brand awareness' is a thing, it's not particularly useful when it comes to briefing a creative team.See, for us, it's always about awareness; that's what marketing and advertising mean. So, how do we reframe our thinking on this? Well, clients and colleagues alike...

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The importance of humanising B2B copy

“Much copy is bad because it is written in the same tone of frantic enthusiasm no matter who it is supposed to come from or to whom it is written. This is amateurish. Our tone and choice of words varies depending on who we are, who we are addressing and what we are talking about.”So said Drayton Bird, long-time partner to David Ogilvy. These words have by now been internalised by most within the marketing sphere and called upon at the outset of every new campaign, project or marketing...

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In early 2020, as we celebrated 20 years in business, we took a close look at our culture and...
The most diverse generation yet. Racial and ethnic diversity are hot topics right now – and...

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