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CES 2023: Takeaways From a CES That Felt Like CES

Brittany Margiotta

Senior Director

After a fully virtual 2021 and desolate, omicron-ravaged 2022, CES returned earlier this month feeling just as we remembered. While both the event landscape and this show continue to evolve, the volume of attendees, participating brands,technology, in-person touch points, and overall hustle were back in full force. We were excited to be on-site again in Las Vegas and are keen to share some takeaways as we look further into 2023 and beyond.

The Continuing Trend of Digital Health and Social Impact

Following a big underscore in 2022, digital health, alongside overall health & wellness technology continued to trend this year. From wellness gadgets that look to innovate and simplify the way we prioritize and track our health, to the ongoing conversation around protecting healthcare data.

Additionally throughout the show, industry thought leaders discussed not only the technology driving us forward, but the impacts of said technology. Technology for good and the social impact of tech was a common theme and conversation piece – and we are all here for it!

Connectivity & Convenience are Here to Stay

As we look ahead, one thing is clear… connectivity and convenience are driving innovations. From smart and connected homes and appliances, to the latest food technology, it’s clear we’ll continue to live lives that are interactive and intertwined with the tech around us. And the thinking is, it’s all to make our lives easier!

Expected drivers like Automotive and the Metaverse showed up and showed out, bringing products, experiences and ways of living to conference go-ers through interactive demos.

While CES 2023 returned in a big way, media, influencers and creators did take a hybrid approach. Not surprisingly, some pushed to receive news in advance and opted out of attending in-person. A trend we expect to see ongoing with events. While this nuance was present, it didn’t take away from the general impact of the event.

We’d love to chat about your CES experience or what your plans are for making some noise in 2023. Drop us a line at if you’d like to connect or share.