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Digital Digest: August 22, 2023

Digital Team

💼 X Will Soon Add Job ‘Matchmaking’ to Help Brands Highlight Relevant Opportunities in the App (SocialMediaToday, 8/21/23): X could reportedly be able to build an algorithm that matches the content that you post about most with a job ad, along with location info and interaction history.

Why it matters: Brands could have the opportunity to leverage this algorithmic matching system to promote relevant job opportunities to users based on their content, location, and interaction history.

💻 Meta’s Threads is Available on Desktop (CNN, 8/22/23): Instagram’s Twitter alternative is now available as a logged-in web experience but only for some users. Threads promises that more functionality is on the way in the next few weeks.

Why it matters: With more accessibility, Threads can potentially offer an additional avenue for enhanced marketing strategies and customer engagement.

👀 5 Ways to Improve Your Digital Presence (SocialMediaToday, 8/17/23): Looking to build a stronger online presence? The Brafton team is sharing tips!

Why it matters: Implementing these tips could lead to more effective digital marketing campaigns and stronger connections with target audiences.