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Digital Digest: December 14, 2023

Digital Team

💸 New Report Shows In-App Spending on TikTok Continues To Rise(SocialMediaToday, 12/11/2023): Consumer spend on TikTok has increased by 15% year-on-year, with 60% of the total revenue coming from China and the US.

Why it matters:TikTok continues to establish itself as a leading social media platform globally, making it a prime location for capturing consumer attention.

🎤 Meta Launches Stay Check of New ‘Audiobox’ AI Audio Technology Instruments (RedMention, 12/11/2023): The new audio demo is now publicly accessible, and it allows users to create audio samples replicating their own voice using a mix of voice inputs and text prompts.

Why it matters: As AI evolves and becomes more and more accessible, it also poses the question of online safety, and how can users best protect their data?