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Digital Digest: July 18, 2023

Digital Team

👀 Twitter’s new rivals suffer similar problems: Threads to use rate limits due to spam and Bluesky missed racist slurs (Business Insider, 7/17/23): Threads has taken on another similar challenge from its rival Twitter in line with a high volume of spam attacks. The answer (for now) lies with rate limits to protect users from future spam.

Why it matters: While new platforms like Threads and Bluesky take on the same challenges as Twitter, it will be very telling to see which solution is the most effective and for social media managers, it will be important to keep a pulse on how users are in turn effected in the in-app experience.

🏆 Reddit Announces Removal of ‘Reddit Gold’ In-App Awards System (Social Media Today, 7/14/23): The once beloved feature, Reddit Gold, which simply added good morale to the platform by giving users the opportunity to virtually award their favorite creators, is now being taking away in an effort to remove platform “clutter” as a result.

Why it matters: This is an interesting power play being made by Reddit to put more control back in the hands of the platform versus its users. While Reddit is not recommended for brands to engage in specifically, it’s worth noting the power dynamics in question taking place on social platforms.