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Digital Digest: October 24, 2023

Digital Team

TikTok is Experimenting With 15-Minute Uploads (Threads, 10/22/23): The once exclusively short-form video platform is testing a new 15-minute upload feature, expanding beyond its current 10-minute video limit.

Why it matters: This provides an opportunity for brands to explore more in-depth storytelling and content strategies, enabling their clients to engage with their audience in new and extended ways.

On Trend:
💭 Nostalgia/Learning of the Past: People’s obsession with the past goes well beyond recent decades, extending to centuries. A YouTube channel dedicated to the 18th century lifestyle exemplifies this fascination, highlighting our enduring interest in history and how it has shaped our present.

Why it matters: Encouraging brands to leverage the enduring interest in history and nostalgia to celebrate the fascination with the past in creative ways.

🌅 Daylight Savings: Occurring this year on Nov. 5, this marks the official the end of the Daylight Saving period. This means that not only do you get an extra hour of sleep, but it will also become darker earlier in the afternoon.

Why it matters: Daylight savings time can also disrupt business operations by affecting employee schedules and incurring additional costs related to time adjustments. The impact on businesses varies depending on their industry and location, with some experiencing positive effects and others facing operational challenges. Brands can also offer tips, products, or services that align with this seasonal change in order to jump into trending moments and conversations.