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HOTTakes: How is the industrial tech industry responding in a time of great change?

Hotwire Global

As the pandemic entered the U.S. in March, silent strengths as well as visible supply chain constraints in the industrial sector were brought into the mainstream media. As the national discourse shifted to societal issues, it became obvious that there were growing gaps in diversity in the manufacturing market as well.

In this episode of HotTakes, Sarah Kalhorn, Vice President of Hotwire’s Industrial Technology practice, continues her conversation about how the pandemic, and the BLM movement, is transforming the industrial sector. She talks with Steven Freedman, global head of the Hoistway Information Systems business for CEDES AG, and Keith Larson, VP of Content at Putnam Media. If you missed the first in this series, you can watch it here.

CEDES is a global leader in 3D sensing technology for safety and information systems, automation, monitoring, industrial computers and controls. For more than 80 years, Putman Media has cultivated a loyal, engaged audience that reaches deep into some of the world’s most important manufacturing markets – including chemicals, food and pharmaceuticals – covering asset reliability, industrial automation and smart, connected manufacturing.

Watch below or listen on Spotify. And for more on industrial innovation, click here.