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Hotwire Headlines #16

From Australia: The latest in tech and innovation

In recent news, tech skills development, fake news, privacy changes and cybersecurity.

Facebook, Google join voluntary code to combat fake news

Facebook and Google recently signed up to a new voluntary code of practice launched by the Digital Industry Group designed to reduce the threat of online misinformation and disinformation. The newly launched code of practice will allow digital companies to collaborate with the government, academia and civil society to suggest solutions to challenges of cybersecurity.

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Australia needs 6.5m digital workers in the next four years

In the next four years, an extra 6.5 million digital workers will be in demand in Australia to respond to the rapid growth of technological change. According to Amazon Web Service, the average worker will need to gain at least seven skills in demand to keep up, newly skilled and re-skilled technologists will need to be increased 79 percent by 2025.

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WhatsApp users to lose functionality after the deadline for privacy changes

In January, WhatsApp made changes to its privacy policy making all communications methods such as email and phone with businesses visible to the application. Users who do not accept the new policy by 15 May will lose functionality, including receiving calls and read or send messages through the application

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Australia’s COVID vaccinations a shot in the arm for cybercrime

The COVID vaccinations have become the new scamming trend since Australia began to administer the Pfizer jabs in late January. Despite Australians being aware of the inevitable array of scams, experts believe many personal details will be collected.

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‘Cyber education alone will not stop Australia’s cyber attacks’

Experts predict that cyber education alone will not reduce the chance of cyber-attacks. Effective policies, procedures and technologies will also be needed for sufficient precautions for cybersecurity strategies. Expert calls for government, security vendors and managed security service providers to come up with affordable tools for a small-to-medium organisation to promote workplaces with safe cybersecurity.

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