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Hotwire Headlines #34

What brand values do consumers favour in 2021?

This week, studies reveal Australian consumers are placing greater value on brand ethics, are expecting companies to tackle global social issues, and are approaching 2021 with a more positive mindset. In big tech land, Facebook announces a slew of ecommerce updates and the industry responds to Google’s extension of the ‘the death of the cookie’ deadline.

Study shows pandemic upended consumer loyalty

Toluna’s Understanding the 2021 Consumer study of more than 1,000 Australians reveals shoppers now consider brand ethics and values as part of the price-value equation. The research highlighted that traditional priorities such as value for money and customer support are still influential, however, ethical ideals are weighing in with more than two-thirds of Australians going out of their way to engage with brands that align with their own values.

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Research reveals a more positive mindset for Australians in 2021

The new Australia Project 2021 report from the cultural insights agency, The Lab, reveals a different set of values that will guide Australians’ lives as they emerge from the pandemic. The study shows Australians want more time for relationships, being in the moment, travel and exploration, enjoyment of life, and themselves. Australians will have less time for toxic people, wasteful spending, screens, uncertainty, and taking things for granted.

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Facebook doubles down on shopping investment with ecommerce updates

Facebook is investing in updates on its ecommerce feature ‘Shops’ to make it easier for consumers to discover new products and brands, personalising their shopping experience on Facebook. The new updates include integrations with WhatsApp and Marketplace, new personalised ad features, visual search, and augmented reality.

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Aussies expect companies to play a role in social issues like global warming and pollution

Australian consumers expect companies to do their bit when it comes to big global challenges according to the findings of a new Corporate Responsibility Study by Catalyst. The research reveals companies in marketing, advertising, and market research should—according to respondents—be focused primarily on the issues of global warming, plastic waste, and ocean pollution. While global warming also came out on top as the primary issue those in the media and publishing industries should focus on, ocean pollution tied second place with COVID-19.

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Industry views mixed as Google extends third-party cookie deadline

Google is extending the deadline for the ‘death of the cookie’ until late 2023, and while industry responses to the news have been generally positive, the reasons for such relief stretch from concerns about readiness to the continued dominance of Google on digital advertising, user privacy, and ad fraud.

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