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In recent news, Google and News Corp announce they are teaming up to bring digital skills training and new opportunities to young journalists, new research reveals which brands Australia’s Gen Z are favouring, and why, and why many brands are moving audience research in-house.

The 10 favourite brands of Australia’s Gen Z
Australia’s Generation Z are not that swayed by influencers and celebrities, according to reserach by YouthInsight, the research arm of Student Edge, Australia’s largest body representing those aged 14-24. The findings, including a survey of 1,000, shows companies need to use their voice with 70% of gen Z saying brands should take a stand on the issues they believe in. Diversity is no longer an option with three-quarters believing brand advertising should be diverse and inclusive. The research also reveals the top digital and entertainment brands according to Gen Z.
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MFA launches diversity, equity and inclusion advisory council
The Media Federation of Australia (MFA) has launched a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisory Council with 13 media agency professionals from diverse backgrounds. Among the Council’s first projects will be an education program, providing awareness training for all professional levels, and showcasing best practice DE&I initiatives, to be launched later in the year.
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Google and News Corp partner to train young Australian journalists
Google and News Corp launched an initiative to provide digital skills training and new opportunities for young journalists, as “the future of commercial news organisations rests on their ability to create and publish journalism that serves audiences in tangible, valuable ways and is consumed how and where those audiences choose”. The Digital News Academy will provide training to 750 local and regional news professionals from a range of outlets across the country, including Australian Community Media and several others.
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Why brands are moving audience research in-house
While 2020 was a year of uncertainty and hesitancy to commit, digital advertising spend is starting to pick up pace again. For the first time, digital ad formats are expected to take up two-thirds (67 per cent) of all ad sales. But despite huge investment being pumped into digital, many are still struggling to see the return. This comes down to a number of factors fueling a massive shift in the marketing landscape, ultimately forging a new relationship between agencies and brands.
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Australian Radio Network rebrands to ARN
Australian Radio Network has rebranded to ARN, following a holistic review of the audio landscape, brand proposition and culture at ARN. ARN will continue with its Defining Audio proposition which was first launched in 2019 and introduced ARN’s Audioshphere offering. Audioshphere leveraged audio entertainment, experiential connections, audio messaging, dynamic creative and campaign amplifications.
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