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Hotwire is coming to SXSW


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Here’s a first look at what we’re planning to check out from the mouths of our marketing and communications firm’s ‘boots on the ground’

With Hotwire’s focus on serving technology companies, and SXSW’s consistently growing tech track, this Austin-based conference was a must attend for 2024. Our ‘boots on the ground’ will include Mario Argueta (Account Coordinator), Jessica Heagerty (Senior Vice President), and Whitney Wells (Senior Vice President) and this is a look at what they’re most excited for this year.

First Up: Our very own Global CEO Heather Kernahan’s book reading of her debut book “UNSTUCKABLE: Never be Stuck in Business Again with Tools from Tech Innovators” is topping our list.

When and where: Sunday, March 10 from 2:30-3:30pm in the Austin Convention Center, Room 10AB

Why add it to your list:

Over the past five years, almost every company on the planet has come to understand how critical technology is to their business and are working on their digital transformation. As a result, they have started to adopt tech ways of thinking and working. This UNSTUCK model is an antidote for leaders who feel stuck. Perhaps you are running a business or leading a team and you aren’t getting the results you want. You pride yourself on always finding a way forward. You’re an achiever. You expect to win. You want to lead with purpose and energy and direction. But lately you can’t seem to find the solutions to problems as readily as you have in the past.

What folks are saying about it:

“Highly recommend giving Unstuckable a read. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, executive, or someone looking to level up in your career, this book is packed with gems to keep you moving forward.”

Jane Hales, Board Advisor and Business Coach

“My conversation with Heather comes at a significant juncture as she just launched her highly anticipated book, “Unstuckable,” a title I predict will soar to bestseller status.”

Lisa Gable, US Ambassador and Five-Time Award Winning Wall Street Journal & USA Today Bestselling Author

“Connecting with my colleagues, industry peers, and exciting technology leaders and challengers is such an exciting prospect to me when it comes to being at SXSW this year. I plan to be like a sponge – absorbing all the learning to be had from sessions and conversations alike.”

Whitney Wells, SVP

Next on the list: AI and all the sessions we expect will talk about its future in our world

Hotwire and House of Beautiful Business partnered this year on Brand Narratives in the Age of AI, which examined the ways in which brands are incorporating AI into their storytelling and ways their brand is showing up.

A few sessions on our agenda:

“As a remote employee, I’m looking forward to coming together with my colleagues for an industry event where SXSW will take over ATX. I’m most excited to hear all about the innovative technologies being unveiled as AI continues to make its debut into ALL sectors of technology, media, etc. While there are a few keynotes and conferences that I can’t wait for, I’m also looking forward to the great food, live music, and electric atmosphere that SXSW provides. This is also an opportunity to show up smart and network with people who are interested in learning more about Hotwire which is always a plus.”

Mario Argueta, Account Coordinator

And Lastly: ATX and its BBQ, growing tech scene, and all it has to offer!

Filling our bellies with BBQ and checking out some hot spots is certainly an exciting prospect of SXSW taking place in Austin. A few places our resident local, SVP Jessica Heagerty has pointed out are:

  • Franklins BBQ for acclaimed smoked meats from Austin’s most famous pitmaster
  • Lamberts BBQ for a fancier take on the Texas staple
  • P6 at the Line for Happy Hour and the Lady Bird Lake views
  • Broken Spoke dance hall for the two-steppin, line dancing crowd
  • Elephant Room for late, night, underground jazz
  • El Alma for tacos, margaritas and queso

Other tips:

  • Lots of restaurants and venues get booked for private parties during SXSW so make a reservation or call ahead before you go
  • Traffic gets really bad so walk places when you can, or hop a pedicab for short trips. Uber and Lyft are out in full force during SXSW should you need one, but they can be hard to get during peak times and surge pricing is rampant.

“As an Austin local, I’ve been to SXSW many times and feel lucky to live in a place with such a lively tech scene. Each year, I’m reminded why Austin is the perfect location for this gathering — from fireside chats at Rainey Street to surprise music acts at famed venues like Stubbs and chatting with entrepreneurs over Texas BBQ. Besides exploring my city further, I’m excited for creative brand activations, lots of learning, spending time with colleagues, and meeting new people.”

Jessica Heagerty, Senior Vice President.

Please reach out to us if you’re headed to SXSW, we’d love to see you there!