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Hotwire x VIANEWS: A Strategic Partnership

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Hotwire’s partnership with VIANEWS has helped to strengthen both brands’ services and add even more value to the work done with clients across the board. Hotwire’s North American co-President Laura Macdonald recently chatted with our Latin America partner, VIANews’ founder and MD Pedro Cadina and talked about trends in the Latin American tech market and what’s coming in 2022.

It’s great to connect with you! So, to clarify to our readers, you are a partner of ours based in Latin America. Can you briefly explain VIANEWS’ history in the business?

Having more than 36 years of experience, VIANEWS started acting as a PR agency in Brazil with a focus on Technology companies. Over the years, the company has diversified its portfolio of services and acted in several industries. Twenty-two years ago, we started our operations in Latin America, helping companies from all over the world who faced challenges in the fields of reputation, entry and expansion into Latin American markets, and to increase their marketing capabilities in the continent. Our company has been a Hotwire partner for ten years now, and since 2016, VIANEWS has been Hotwire’s exclusive affiliate and co-branded agency for LATAM.

What kind of clients do you serve?

We assist global and local clients with a focus on the Technology, Telecommunications, Finance, and Energy segments.

What services do you offer your clientele?

We are a full-service agency. We offer all services in public relations (media relations, crisis management, events, consulting, among others), digital marketing (social media, SEO, content marketing, ABM marketing, etc.) and design & advertising (creative strategy, paid and performance media, graphic design, branding, etc.). 

What are your specialty areas as an agency?

Telling stories in Latin America! Our team has more than 65 specialists including professionals in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Colombia and Brazil, with extensive experience in marketing and communications in Latin America, ensuring successful campaigns with global quality and local focus.

What is it like working with Hotwire from your experience?

Working with Hotwire has been amazing. We exchange insights, training and consulting that help our strategies and broaden the knowledge of our whole team. We leverage Hotwire’s methodology and expertise to develop local and global clients. As a result, the clients that Hotwire brings to us have high retention rates and an excellent experience of our work. 

What trends are you seeing in Latin America?

Latin America is a rapidly developing economy, with a strong demand for communication and marketing services. With many centers of excellence and entrepreneurship, there’s a strong demand for professionals and agencies that can develop ESG, innovation and digital marketing initiatives. We’ve also produced great work across regions due to the ability to work remotely. Now companies and agencies in the area are benefiting from hiring professionals in different geographic regions, building on each other’s strengths, whether in Mexico, Brazil, Chile or the Caribbean. This has raised the bar for services in the region, making it possible to serve global companies in a true one team experience.

What’s next for VIANEWS?

In 2022, we will continue to expand our team in Latin America with new expertise hired in Mexico, Chile, Argentina and other countries, including Brazil. Additionally, we are hiring experts in Europe and the USA to assist us in the international expansion of the brand and in reaching new levels of creativity and excellence.

We are also launching VIANEWS INOVA – our agency’s new innovation lab that will expand the possibilities for companies interested in innovative and creative communication and marketing solutions. Currently, we already have some projects under development at VIANEWS INOVA for local and global companies that see Latin America as a hub for innovation.

All this is adding up to a forecast this year of 30% revenue growth. And we’re already underway. We began 2022 with 3 new clients and a 20% growth in the first quarter. We also want to continue winning international awards and distinguish VIANEWS as a great place to work for professionals from all over the world.