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Igniting Lasting Change

Hotwire Global

By Jennifer Headley

It’s been three years since we launched the Hotwire Ignite Possibility Program (HIPP). We whole-heartedly believe that every organization deserves access to the resources they need to scale and succeed. This was the catalyst to launch HIPP in February 2021; we recognized our purpose and privilege to amplify the work of tech-enabled organizations that provide services for underserved communities.

More than 50 Hotwire employees supported 15 total campaigns across six of our regional offices including the US, UK, Spain, France, Australia, and Germany, to offer a wide range of pro-bono support including brand, marketing, and public relations services.

Throughout our partnerships, we found these companies, CEOs, Founders, and day-to-day clients not only wanted our consultancy expertise but appreciated us as true website design, media training, and content development specialists. Across the globe, we all had the same mentality to roll up our sleeves and work side-by-side across the variety of HIPP campaigns to show true impact as #OneTeam.

Campaigns concluded and benchmarks hit
We’re incredibly proud to say we’ve hit our $1M benchmark on the HIPP program! Businesses and industries we’ve had the pleasure to work with include:

  • Acces Inclusive Tech, a company that trains and gives jobs in the tech sector to people with social difficulties.  
  • Benetech, a non-profit software provider empowering communities with software for social good.
  • Children’s Creativity Museum, a non-profit organization offering hands-on, multimedia arts and technology experiences to build children’s creative confidence.
  • FOBBS, a company raising standards in education through its Figures of Black British Society (FOBBS) app, focusing on delivering high-quality information on figures with Black British heritage.
  • foode, a social utility platform that makes deciding where to eat smart, simple, and personalized.
  • Full Circle Fund, a non-profit community leveraging professionals’ financial and intellectual capital to accelerate non-profits and build a better San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Go Flyy, an on-demand, same-day delivery and returns service for fashion, beauty, and wellness products, currently operating in Los Angeles, New York City, and Seattle.
  • Husmus,an online service that aims to make renting easy and affordable to build a world where everyone can enjoy renting privately.
  • Indigitek, a non-profit that aims to increase the participation and success of Indigenous people in the tech industry.
  • Kodiko, the first “refugee-employee” co-training program for the workplace.  
  • Margarita Bly, a think tank made up of women and men who work in communication and journalism with the aim to achieve equal opportunities and representation in the STEM disciplines sector (science, technology, engineering, mathematics).
  • Mentalis, the first provider in Germany to offer people with mental illnesses seamless aftercare and treatment in hospitals.
  • Menther, a digital platform helping to empower and advance women globally through cross and intra-generational mentorship matching and support.
  • ReRent, an on-demand property management platform that the everyday consumer can leverage to passively monetize their most valuable assets when they’re not using them.
  • Storyskimo, an online platform leveraging audio and podcasting as a language and learning development tool for children.
  • Telmi, a first-of-its-kind podcasting creation platform to provide a safe, secure, creative, and fun digital space designed to amplify children’s unique voices.

There are COUNTLESS people to thank for their smarts and proactive support in this work, alongside existing client work and going above and beyond to provide strategic counsel for these companies.

Onward and upward
It’s been extremely eye opening to witness the depth and breadth of Hotwire’s knowledge and sheer willingness to jump into new campaigns and programs— and we sincerely hope this type of support for underserved communities prevails with all our future work here at Hotwire.