Let’s Chat at SXSW

We’re gearing up for an epic SXSW 2024, ready to dive into the tech scene alongside industry leaders, including our Global CEO, Heather Kernahan, who will be sharing insights from “UNSTUCKABLE” on March 10th.
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What will Hotwire be up to on the floor at SXSW?

PanelPicker Live Reading

UNSTUCKABLE: Never be Stuck in Business Again with Tools from Tech Innovators

How do leaders and tech innovators get UNstuck? Our Global CEO Heather Kernahan will be doing a live reading of her book, UnstuckablSunday, March 10th from 2:30-3:30pm CT in the Austin Convention Center, Room 10AB.

Over the past few years, every company on the planet has come to understand how critical technology is to their business. The UNSTUCK model provides insights from top tech innovators for leaders who feel stuck. Whether you are running a business or leading a team, this session is a must-attend for tech leaders seeking to propel their business forward.

Author Corner

The Female Quotient

Our Global CEO, Heather Kernahan will be participating in the Femle Quotient author corner, located in the Equality Lounge at SXSW, where physical copies of her recently published book, ‘Unstuckable,’ will be available.

Whitney Wells
Senior Vice President

Whitney Wells is a senior vice president at Hotwire bringing more that 12 years of PR and integrated communications experience with an emphasis on B2B tech. She’s driven successful campaigns for startups and emerging brands across a wide variety of verticals from early stage to unicorn status for clients such as OpenText, Lumentum, Flock Freight, and more. In addition, she supports PR and marketing for Hotwire as a firm.


Jessica Heagerty
Senior Vice President

Jessica Heagerty is a senior vice president at Hotwire with 18+ years’ experience across in-house and agency roles within the tech sector. Jessica primarily focuses on enterprise B2B and consumer communications, leading high-impact teams, and strategic, cross-functional programs. She has worked with brands including eBay, Panasonic, Dell, Palo Alto Networks and McAfee.

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Mario Argueta
Account Coordinator

Mario Argueta is an account coordinator at Hotwire with a background in B2B/B2C technology. He executes the media strategy and vets speakership opportunities for C-Suite executives. He’s supported brands such as HubSpot, Sennheiser, Walmart International, and more. In addition, Mario also supports the PR and Marketing team for Hotwire as a firm.

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Our curated schedule

Where will our onsite team be?

Our onsite team has put together a curated schedule of some of our must-attend sessions to make the most of our SXSW experience, offering prime opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals.