Beautiful Business in Web3


The first open-source, community-run, asynchronous conference on the future of humanity, technology, and business in a decentralized world.


In collaboration with the House of Beautiful Business | July – November, 2022


A community-first, open-source, work-in-progress exploration on how Web3 technology will shift our ways of working, digital culture, and the future of business.

Driven by our ambition to dig deeper and broaden the playing field beyond currently dominating narratives, we set out to pose the right questions first, before jumping into solutions. We’ll draw from leading experts and actively seek out the voices and ideas of those who’ve been on the margins since the beginning of Web2, and critically analyze the inherent challenges within the foundation of our current internet infrastructure—and its impact on society.

Curious to bring in your perspectives and join a group of inquisitive minds from business, tech, science, the arts, and humanities, to help advance the conversation and shape the narrative further?  

In partnership with The House of Beautiful Business, a global community and home for leaders seeking inspiration and reinvention, we’re aiming to iterate on current ideas, principles, and projects in order to assess what it will take to build a more equitable, responsible, intersectional, and sustainable paradigm of the internet.

Registration will be free and open soon.