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What Are We Excited to See on the CES 2024 Stage?


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by Jessica Juckes, Senior Account Director, Hotwire UK and Brittany Margiotta, Senior Director, Hotwire US

CES is by far one of the most influential global platforms on the speaker circuit. Thought leaders, technology experts and innovators wake from a festive slumber and step energetically into the bright spotlight of the Las Vegas stage with one mission – to set the corporate narrative tone of their business for a New Year. 

This annual tech event looks to showcase a broad spectrum of voices. It seeks global opinions, from the CEOs of big brands, to the founders of start-ups. A full representation and diversity of perspectives is important to CES, as is a unique take on the latest trends of technology that will inspire, engage and educate.

Many pre-eminent people have trodden the boards of the CES stage. As we consider the right roadmap for your companies journey to CES, we reflect on our favorite past speakers, what made them effective, and who we’re looking forward to seeing this year…  

Smashing the glass ceiling at CES 

Jessica Juckes, Senior Account Director, Hotwire London 

CES has an interesting history when it comes to the representation of female tech leaders. In 2018 it faced significant criticism for its lack of female keynote speakers and all male line-up, with many claiming the speaker roster reflected a wider industry problem of unequal gender representation. Since this deflating moment, CES has looked to course correct and in 2019 saw 57% of total speakers being women, and 40% women of color.  

It goes without saying that positioning women in arenas of prominence is integral for the future of women in tech. One of the most effective examples of a strong female voice making a difference at CES was Yahoo’s CEO, Marissa Meyer in 2014. Relatively fresh, having taken the reigns in 2012, Meyer used the conference to continue her revamp of the company – discussing acquisitions, renewed media offerings and product makeovers. Meyer’s engaging and entertaining approach (she invited news anchor Katie Couric onto the stage to join her!) drew a significant crowd, generated a lot of attention on social media and according to Reuters “brought pizzazz back to an internet company that many have considered past its prime”. Reuters also linked the success of her talk to a rise in shares – showing the immediate business impact a global speech can have. 

Who I’m excited to see this year?
Adena Friedman, Chair and CEO of Nasdaq, Inc 

CES continues to take new shape as technology continues to shape everything around us

Brittany Margiotta, Senior Director, Hotwire US 

Having supported CES the past nine years and this upcoming show being my sixth onsite, it’s been interesting to see the shifts and evolution of the event. Think auto and auto tech completely popping onto the scene and becoming a mainstay, health and fitness tech becoming ingrained in the show and now food tech getting love, travel driving conversations the past few years. Technology is increasingly around us and impacting industries that years ago may have seemed farfetched. And in return, new and unassuming industries have made an impact and continue to re-shape CES.  

In addition to getting excited about the latest tech innovation year-over-year, I look forward to the thought-provoking conversations on topics like tech for good, ESG, diversity and inclusion, and how cybersecurity plays into it all. Last year it was these topics and sessions that drew me in most. I loved the impactful conversations that took place at Female Quotient’s Equality Lounge and will certainly be back this year.  

Who I’m excited to see this year?

In the spirit of unassuming brands bringing new perspective to CES, and a conversation on sustainable, accessible and inclusive beauty tech, Nicolas Hieronimus CEO, L’Oréal.

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