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Communicating Digital Transformation

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Google ‘digital transformation’ and you’ll get nearly 500 million results. It’s a phrase every CIO and business leader will have heard echo for what’s seemed an eternity. What digital transformation actually means, whether it’s a buzzword or even still relevant today is up for debate, but what is clear is there’s still a massive chunk of change being spent on it – $5.9 trillion over the years 2018 to 2021, according to Gartner. The phrase isn’t going away any time soon – and neither are your competitors seeking to capitalise on it.   

So how can you show up differently when talking digital transformation? Here’s five tips from me. 

Focus on your audience  

No-one wants to have dinner with that person that just bangs on about themselves, their job, their car, and so on. And it’s just the same when ‘selling’ your business.    

We all know the best salespeople talk about us, not them. Our position in the market, our challenges and the opportunities in front of us. When we feel like people understand us, we’re much more inclined to work with them. So whether you’re briefing a journalist, penning a blog or posting on social, always keep a laser sharp focus on your audience.  

Keep it real 

Jargon. Complexity. Ambiguity. It’s difficult to build trust with your customers and prospects if they don’t feel like you’re on the same page. Keep comms simple, address real-life issues and speak like a human. Using anecdotal examples and telling stories of the impact of your technology – on your customers and the end-users – is the most compelling way to sell who you are and what you do. 

Talk about the wider industry 

Discussing the topics that are affecting your peers, rather than your products, is a great way to get your brand name out there. Whether it’s leadership, the skills shortage, diversity – whatever means something to you and your company – there is an absolute value to contributing to these ongoing debates. From joining panel sessions to social discussions, this is an opportunity to show your brand cares about more than just the bottom line.  

Engage your customers 

Securing customer advocates is an age-old challenge and will never be an easy task, no matter what industry you’re in. None of us need reminding the role customers logos play to position your brand as an authority in the market – but pushing to secure them as an advocate willing to speak publicly about your technology can be hugely impactful.  

Importantly, customer stories are never general – any strong case studies will always refer to the specific situation, challenge, solution and results, demonstrating the impact of your tech on their business. 

Measure and review 

Whatever your goals are, keep tabs on what you’re doing and the impact it’s driving. From web hits to press coverage and social traction, tracking your outputs – and crucially – the outcomes of those efforts, is a clear way to demonstrate the value of your work.  

Digital transformation as a business challenge, IT process and industry story isn’t going away – and those seeking to capitalise on it are only going to do more. Ensuring you show up differently could be critical for your business as we move deeper into 2019.  

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