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Digital Digest: August 1, 2023

Digital Team

📸 Instagram’s Experimenting with a Range of Generative AI Elements (Social Media Today, July 30, 2023): New creative AI tools to come forth on Instagram soon, ranging from stickers to the removal and restyle of post elements.

Why it matters: AI creative tools will allow artists to create new waves of art and expression within the app. This will generate a different user experience in the platform that could help generate additional engagement across a diversified content set.

𝕏 Elon Musk Says He’ll Force Dark Mode on Twitter Users, Quickly Changes His Mind (Gizmodo, July 28, 2023): X owner Elon Musk originally had planned to eliminate light mode on X, but due to a massive outcry from his audience, Musk compromised his decision by allowing light mode to remain an option, with dark mode remaining the default display.

Why it matters: With Twitter’s shift to X, Musk exemplifies the willingness to engage with the audience on the platform’s functionality during its reinvention period. This redefines the norms of control over the platform’s usage and rules, which could generate a better user experience in the long run.

 💸 Facebook Users Have One Month Left to get a Piece of that $725 Million Settlement (Gizmodo, July 28, 2023): Users are eligible for compensation in this massive legal lawsuit with an active account between May 2007 and December 2022 . The settlement stems from a privacy violation of shared user data during the Trump 2016 presidential campaign. Users will receive their payout based on every month their account was active during that duration.

Why it matters: This lawsuit reiterates the consequences of sharing user data without the consent of users for unethical interests. Businesses should be mindful of privacy guidelines and be at the forefront of enforcing them on their platforms.

 💬 WhatsApp unveils new video messaging feature (CNN, July 28, 2023): WhatsApp is set to adopt a new feature that includes video messaging to allow users to send and share short videos up to 60 seconds long. The videos will also be protected by the app’s embedded user end-to-end encryption service, which is a plus!

Why it matters: WhatsApp is a highly-used platform, especially internationally; with this feature rolling out soon, it enhances the user experience by enabling them to better connect through the app via video. This is a notable upgrade for international businesses to strengthen their knowledge and connection to clients and audiences.